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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Southern Counties Sale Update

The Southern Counties Vintage Slot Machine Auction (May 21st) is shaping up to be an interesting sale. The catalogue will be produced next week and should be available shortly thereafter. It contains 184 lots, almost all old coin-operated amusement machines, plus some useful spares and very little "other stuff". Southern Counties are accepting late entries, so don't miss the boat.
Stars of the Silver ScreenWurlitzer 1080Le Phenix

There's a good selection of decent classic American bandits by the likes of Mills, Jennings, Pace etc., a terrific selection of allwins (if you're after an allwin, now's the time to buy), a golden age Wurlitzer 1080 Jukebox, some nice trade stimulators and a number of unusual items including such desirable arcade pieces as a Green Ray fortune teller, Mutoscope Magic Finger, Mystic Mirror and a tasty range of Bryans machines ranging from early Elevenses, Pilwin Play, Clocks, Bullions to a much sought-after Retreeva.

I'll be there - hope you will too (long as you don't bid on anything I want).

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Christies Sale Update

I just received the following from Laurence Fisher about the Christie's sale of Mechanical Music and Technical Apparatus, Wednesday 31 May 2006:

Just a quick update for everybody - the catalogue for this 31 May sale will be out in paperback around the 3rd May and online the night before. The Costa section will go from lot 178 and end at 210 and because I have had a few calls regarding consignments from all over the place, lots 211 to 220 are all fresh pieces (including a Delong rol-a-top bandit; a mutoscope; two restored 1930s pinballs; pinball and slot machine library; Mills bandit (which I will be keeping secret so you can keep guessing which one it is); Kleine bagatelle; clown-catcher and a great 1458 Rockola jukebox)

In the main area of the sale, 17 lots of technical apparatus, 27 lots of wireless and television, 19 lots of phonographs, 35 lots of gramophones, 11 lots of pneumatic instruments, 10 lots of Oiseau Chantants, 4 lots of the Stonehill Duo-Art collection, 5 lots of small musical boxes and automata, 7 lots of disc musical boxes, 36 lots of cylinder musical boxes, 33 Nic Costa lots, 9 lots of other properties of slot machines and 6 lots of signage.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

I like the new mag!

Having just read the first issue of the new Mechanical Memories Magazine I must congratulate Jerry Chattenton on a job well done. Not only did it arrive bang on time, but provided a genuinely interesting, well written 28 pages devoted exclusively to antique coin-operated games (bar the odd jukebox advert). This makes it a British first - all previous mags have tried to draw in enthusiasts from the jukebox, pinball, fairground or video game fraternities. The result is a publication tailored to suit the hardcore vintage slot fanatic. Judging by the number of subscribers already signed-up (more than double projected figures), there seem to be quite a few of them too. The number of adverts wasn't bad for a first issue and this should pick up as the mag establishes itself. The editor comes from an engineering background and this gives the articles a technical perspective which will be appreciated by many collectors. Certainly, all comments heard so far have been entirely positive.

Mechanical Memories Magazine