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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Dr Who?

Coin-op Dalek
Edwin Hall & Co. coin-op Dalek Circa 1964

A prediction: Social attitudes are already changing, and soon it will become acceptable (if not exactly cool) to talk about in public.

All Brits of a certain age who share an interest in mechanical things that go clunk in the night will be curiously awaiting next week's re-launch of Dr Who.

One little known fact about the program we can exclusively reveal here - William Hartnell was not only the first Doctor - he was also the best. That's official, and is not offered as a point for debate or discussion.


Anonymous said...

HA! I used yo play on one of those Daleks at a pub in Porstmouth in the early 70's. Think the Pub was called the 'Puffing Billy'

pennymachines said...

Somewhere I've got a colour picture. I'll put it in the Museum.